3 Things to Consider When Moving Operations to the Cloud

In the never-ending pursuit of increased profit margins and streamlined operations, many businesses these days have been turning to cloud-based solutions. While the cloud provides efficient and professional tools to accomplish goals, several unique and perhaps unprecedented challenges can arise. The following issues can present significant problems for a business moving to the cloud if they’re not addressed.

Information Security

Information SecurityMoving to the cloud means your sensitive data will be exposed to the outside world. With passwords and firewalls, you can of course expect a certain amount of security. Unfortunately, some people out there are intent on defeating standard security measures and are keen to access your unsecured, sensitive data. Hiring a professional security company, such as Holmsecurity.com, can prevent cyber-attacks and exposure to malware. Prevention is a key approach to protecting your sensitive files.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Many marketing tools are available from cloud-based vendors. Having a talented group of creatives handling your content marketing and social outreach is certainly cost-effective. But have you taken steps to ensure your work/product is wholly owned by your business? Protecting your intellectual property is essential when creating a brand or marketing campaign. By defining the copyright terms in your contracts, you can ensure that you have complete ownership of the work, for future use or to prevent it from being sold to a competitor.


Most cloud-based vendors operate on quality server networks, but sadly not all do. You can expect scheduled downtime from even the best virtual networks, while poorer quality networks can be up and down like a yo-yo. When you contract a cloud-based vendor be sure to research their downtime and make sure contingencies for interrupted service are outlined in your contract. Without this protection, you may not receive the service you anticipated.

The Cloud is a powerful tool to use and with proper planning, research and communication with the vendor, you can be sure to avoid all the pitfalls.