5 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs for Your Business

Reduce Energy Costs for Your BusinessWith rising energy costs, it’s more important than ever to take a good look at your business to determine if it’s as energy efficient as possible. Improving the following five areas can vastly reduce your monthly energy bill.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

It takes energy to heat or cool your business but much of this is lost due to poorly sealed doors and windows. Proper weather stripping around your door jamb will block air from coming or going, preserving your climate and taking the strain off your HVAC or furnace.

Turn Off the Lights When the Party’s Over

Why pay for light when no one’s there? Many companies now use smart controllers to shut off the lights after business hours. These controllers can be adjusted to turn off all or part of your building’s lights to accommodate any special after hour’s needs.

LED is the Best Bulb to Buy

Your employees need light, but do they need incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs? LEDs are the most eco friendly light source available and last far longer than other options. As such, maintenance costs will also drop, especially if you are hiring someone to change the bulbs high overhead.

Shut Down the Computers

There is no reason to keep a computer terminal on standby after its operator leaves for the day. Installing a smart controller can shut down every terminal in your facility at a designated time, saving you money and improving the life span of your machines.

Make Your Thermostat Smarter

Every office has that one employee who refuses to wear a sweater, opting instead to crank up the heat at their company’s expense. Take back control of your thermostat with a programmable thermostat. These devices allow you to lock the temperature or allow movement restricted to a few degrees north or south of your desired setting.

The above techniques are relatively inexpensive, easy to implement and all will almost certainly pay for themselves in short time.