Advances in Technology Finally Make Solar a Viable Alternative

Solar power has long promised a great return for your investment but often falls short of delivering. The following three innovations now make solar power far more viable.

Better, More Powerful Panels for Greater Collection

Better, More Powerful Panels for Greater CollectionSolar power has always been a great idea. Who wouldn’t want clean, cheap energy from the sun? But solar power first failed to deliver as promised when the time came to install the system. Most of the problems were caused by the panels. The huge, heavy, and fragile panels limited solar power to being only a partial power solution. In recent years, however, they have become smaller, lighter, and up to 70% more efficient. This makes the adoption of this green alternative possible for many businesses previously disinterested in the investment.

As Batteries Change, Power Storage Becomes Possible

One drawback to solar power is the continued dependency on the existing power grid. To use solar effectively, an agreement with the local utility must be struck. Leaving the grid requires establishing a way to collect and store electricity, normally solved with large banks of deep-cycle batteries. Maintaining these batteries is expensive and somewhat dangerous due to the heat they generate. However, after recent developments in battery technology, the way energy is collected has been changed forever. Modern batteries are able to hold more electricity without creating excessive heat and promise to be the answer to solar energy’s previous shortcomings.

Solar Integrated into Existing Grids with Power Controllers

For solar energy tied into an existing infrastructure, a major concern is staying below peak power consumption. The creation of sophisticated power controllers has recently solved this problem. The devices are connected inline and monitor your power consumption. They can be programmed to prioritize different appliances and machines, shutting down non-essential devices automatically to avoid overloads.

These three advances in technology make solar power an attractive alternative to cost-minded businesses hoping to save money on power. For the first time, solar energy is a real option for industries seeking affordable power.