Smart Landscaping for Saving Energy

Landscaping for Saving EnergyBusinesses looking to save energy generally concentrate on alternative energy or making their own building more efficient. Rarely do business owners look out the window and consider how their surroundings can help. With a little knowledge and creativity, changes in the landscape of your business premises can save money on energy costs all year long.

Shade Your Windows with Natural Screening

Sun screens on a window are hardly a new idea, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good one. Tall shrubs and trees are more effective, as not only do they block the sun from the building, but they also prevent the heat from being absorbed into the glass. While shading your windows is important, it’s also worth considering the exterior walls. Keeping the external surfaces of your business shaded will result in a cooler interior climate.

Wind Carries Cold Air

The Wind is not normally an issue when indoors but winter winds will probe every weakness in your door and window seals, bringing cold air into your environment. Ducts and ventilation pipes will also catch the currents and direct the airflow into your ventilation system. This can be prevented by planting a row of trees to block the prevailing winter winds. A windscreen of this kind can save a lot of money over one winter and will continue to lower costs year after year.

Hardscape Retains and Reflects Heat

Hardscapes such as cement pads and paving stones are nice to walk on and are easy to maintain, but they are magnets for heat in summer. A concrete pad immediately outside the front entrance will collect the summer heat through absorption and transfer heat to the building through reflection. This is no good for energy efficiency. Instead, control energy costs by replacing unnecessary hardscaping around your building with natural landscaping, which is less likely to absorb or reflect heat.

By implementing the above changes, your building will less exposed to the elements, saving you money on your energy bills. Not only will your energy costs drop, but your building will last longer in a gentler environment.